Recycling Better

We are Victoria’s preferred supplier of traditional ready-mix concrete products and Redi-Green, our innovative eco-concrete solution that exceeds the guidelines required by local municipalities.

Locally Sourced. Locally Made

Over 14 million KG of crushed rock is mined from within a kilometre of our manufacturing plant, and 130 million KG is sourced within 90KM.

Reduced Carbon Emissions

On average, we replace 32% of cement with Supplementary Cementitious Materials
(fly ash and/or slag), saving the equivalent of 6,000,000 Kg. of C02 emissions from the environment, about the same as 240,000 trees.

Stronger. Sustainable.

The innovative approach we use to create Redi-Green eco-concrete adds over 2 million KG of recycled aggregates into the mix, resulting in a final product with enhanced strength and savings of over 3 million litres of fresh water per year.

ICL’s Redi-Green concrete mix designs are some of the greenest concrete mix designs available


BETTER than the Canadian average


BETTER than the BC average

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Redi-Green eco-concrete, and how is it helping to build a cleaner, stronger Victoria?

Does Redi-Green meet Langford's Low-Carbon Concrete Policy?

We worked directly with the city of Langford to identify opportunities to help them achieve their goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions related to new construction projects in the region. Through this collaborative approach, we identified ways to create a multi-step process to reduce CO2 emissions and guide the industry towards effective ways to incorporate carbon capture and storage technologies. 
The short answer – yes: Redi-Green currently meets Langford’s requirements for low-carbon concrete.

Does Redi-Green help lower Carbon Dioxide emissions

The open-loop recycling system we use to create Redi-Green eco-concrete sees reductions in CO2 emission by reclaiming and recycling aggregate and production water.

75% of the water we use to create our Redi-Green product is recycled or slurry water.

What else does Redi-Green recyle?

In addition to the aggregates and sand that we reuse through our reclamation process, 100% of the water used to wash our trucks is recycled, and 100% of the water used in our recycling process is recycled. 

What is the carbon savings for my project?

Our unique approach to carbon emissions reduction gives you choices when it comes to planning your project. 
Tell us what your goals are for your upcoming project, and we’ll work with you to find the right balance of carbon emission reduction, longevity, strength, and other essential characteristics. With thousands of possible mixes, we can help you choose what’s right for you.

How can I reduce my carbon footprint for my concrete project in Victoria?

There are two smart ways to mitigate your carbon footprint: choosing Redi-Green for your next project is a step in the right direction towards reducing carbon emissions, and we’ve also partnered with veritree to allow ICL customers to purchase additional trees, and continue to address climate change and nature loss. Visit our impact hub and click on the Get Involved button to learn more. 

We've joined veritree's Restorative Coalition to address climate change and nature loss.

Visit our impact hub on to learn about our commitment to integrating nature into our operations.