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Low-Carbon Concrete for Victoria, BC

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About Redi-Green®

Developed in Victoria by Independent Concrete Ltd., Redi-Green® is an eco-concrete that conforms to municipal Low-Carbon Concrete requirements.

100% Strength.

30% less CO2

ConcreteBC featured ICL and Redi-Green® for our use of a reclaimer and filter-press system to recycle and reduce waste to lower our carbon footprint while making concrete.

Significant Carbon Emission Reduction

Redi-Green® eco-concrete is the leader in CO2 emissions reduction by using supplementary cementing materials, such as fly ash and/or slag, recycled concrete aggregates, and recycling 65%-80% of our water.

Clean and Green in Victoria

Redi-Green® is as good – or better – than conventional concrete across all strength classes and applications.

Reduced CO2 emissions

Innovative solutions are required to help Canada achieve their ambitious Roadmap to Net-Zero Carbon Concrete by 2050. Redi-Green® was developed to achieve this goal by helping construction projects reduce their carbon footprint, without sacrificing quality or strength: high quality, high strength concrete with low emissions.

The Canada Green Building Council champions green buildings because they are healthier for people and the planet. We believe green buildings are a cost-effective solution for carbon reduction, job creation, and innovation. By transforming our communities with zero-carbon green buildings, we can put Canada on a path to a more sustainable future. 

Canada Green Building Council

Add sustainability and strength to your project

Contact our team of experts to find out how you can build better with Redi-Green® eco-concrete for new construction in Victoria.

We've joined veritree's Restorative Coalition to address climate change and nature loss.

Visit our impact hub on to learn about our commitment to integrating nature into our operations.

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